At last night's meeting, we inducted the Belotte family into our Club!
The Belotte family of Weston includes Jimmy Belotte, his wife Mitchell Alexis, and their two daughters Sophie and Sidney Belotte. They moved to Weston, MA in July 2020 from Rye, New York. Jimmy is a physician-scientist, board-certified Obstetrician, and Gynecologist currently employed by GlaxoSmithKline, as Medical Director of Oncology Clinical Development. Mitchell Alexis is in her last year of medical school training; Sophie is in 8th grade and Sidney is in 3rd grade. 
Outside of work and school, they enjoy time together with family and friends in various ways such as birthday parties, holiday celebrations, church activities, music jam sessions, sports, arts, and community service among other things. Although proud Haitian Americans, they consider themselves citizens of the world and believe that every fellow human, no matter his/her background, is blessed with many gifts waiting for the opportunity to share with the world to make it better. They value family, community, hard work, excellence, courage, respect, fairness, peace, and justice.