On Thursday, February 11th, we celebrated eight high-impact sophomores we selected to receive our Rotary Rising Youth Leadership Award: Madison Jenkins, Johnny Andreasen, Caroline Curley, Ella Kim, Nicholas Cross, Theo Luu, Natalie Rassiger, and Maya Lee. 

The Weston Media Center collaborated with us to produce and capture a dynamic celebration that you can see on the Weston Media Center's video on demand platform. See the show. 

During the event, each student shared their thoughts on service and volunteering as well as information on the causes they support.

In addition to our recognition, each student will receive a citation from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts due to the generous engagement from Representative Alice Peisch and her able staff. Peisch congratulated the students personally during the Zoom-enabled celebration.

Wayland and Weston High School Principals Allyson Mizoguchi and Paul Peri wrapped up the evening with eloquent acknowledgements just before a long, loud round of applause closed the celebration.