On December 11 our Rotary Club sold Every. Last. Tree!  Both the Weston Fire Department and the Weston Police Department stopped by and we thanked them for their service and donated a tree to each.  We had a whole bunch of eager high school volunteers from both Weston and Wayland high schools and we put them to work carrying trees to cars.  In what seemed like a poetic ending, the last tree sold just as the first snowflakes began to fall.   We cleaned up the lot, took down all the stakes, disassembled the A-frames, packed everything up, and put it away till next year!   We cooked and ate s'mores, and drank hot chocolate. 

Even though we worked fewer hours than we did the last two years, we sold out faster than ever.  Although the church in the past was good, Land's Sake turned out to be an even better location than the church and was an excellent partner.  Lands Sake's farmstand manager, Heather, was a huge help to us,- there every day, all day, helping us sell trees, manage our volunteers, and providing great ideas.  And the parking lot at Lands Sake was much safer than tying trees on cars on Boston Post Road.  Lands Sake also helped us market our tree sale by advertising it to their large and loyal base.
Altogether, in just 3 weekends, we sold over $32,000 in trees and wreaths and will net over $17,000 in proceeds.  Those funds will go to our scholarship, food security, conservation, and other projects as well as a portion (approximately $2000) that will go to Lands Sake's food security projects.  Lands Sake's mission aligns very well with our own.
This project takes a large effort from our entire club. Thank you to everyone who pitched in one way or another.  Although we had a great turnout from both our club and our community, there are a few people who go above and beyond every year (not only for this Holiday Tree Sale but in everything that our club does).  A special thank you to Brenda and Rich DeVito, Jan Luchetti, Edwin Gaw, John Marchiony, Paul Lualdi, and Robert Blackburn who signed up to be Captain of the Day at least one if not more days and have been on the tree lot for most of the past 3 weekends.