Update: We are just over 2 weeks away from one of our club's biggest annual events, The Children's Business Fair! Applications are now closed and are 100% occupancy of our business booths, with 50 kidpreneurs scheduled to sell their goods and services. Our focus is now on attendance, volunteers, and sponsorships. Please be sure to spread the word about the fair and sign up to help out.

KidPreneur Spotlight: The Soap Place

Siblings Pranav and Saanvi will be at this year’s Children’s Business Fair with their business, “The Soap Place." 
They wanted to make only soaps and refreshments instead of candles, cookies, and soaps, with prices varying according to size and design. So they're making goat milk soap, honey soap, glycerin soap, and aloe vera soaps in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Additionally, they wish to sell refreshing drinks so the customers are not thirsty. They're curious about how to make different colorful, flavored, and shaped soaps, so they wanted to give it a try.
We wish The Soap Place a successful first year at the fair!
Please see samples of their soaps and their logo:

Yard Signs: Do you Have Yours Yet?

Katya has her yard sign up in Sharon! John has four up along Boston Post Road. Will you put one up too?! Please email our president, president-elect and past president if you have a good spot for one of our signs. 

Volunteer:  Join the fun and volunteer at the Children's Business Fair.

We have slots available on Friday evening when we'll be setting up our marquis tents in front of the Weston Art & Innovation Center and then before, during and after the Fair on Saturday.
Whether you have one hour or up to eight, we'd be grateful for your help, we'll welcome you warmly, and thank you prodigiously!