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Weston & Wayland
Weston Golf Club
275 Meadowbrook Road
Weston, MA 02493
United States of America

After a few years away, Chocolate Therapy founders Pam and David Griffin, are coming back to join us for our Valentine’s Dinner!  So much has transpired since we last saw them and we can’t wait to see them again and to hear all the wonderful news and updates.

Chocolate Therapy creates handmade, locally produced chocolates with memorable flavors pushing the boundaries of taste and texture.  They combine exceptional ingredients in thoughtful ways that are both delicious and uniquely their own, bringing together a blend of therapeutic ingredients, innovative flavors, and unique spices.

We hope you will celebrate the evening with us and enjoy tasting their amazingly delicious chocolates.  A Chocolate Therapy fix will indulge your senses, treat your body, and soothe your soul!