Adopted Field


Adoption is challenging work. We have adopted the Sears Field in Weston and we are reclaiming it for the pollinating insects. All are invited to clear these invasive plants so that in year three of our five year project we can begin to plant the plants that are good for the pollinators. Join us to work hard, release some energy on the invasive plants, have a good time, good conversation and good refreshments. Navigate to 27 Crescent Street and park at the Melone Homestead (see map at the bottom of the page).

Please join us any day and time you can: 


Saturday mornings 9-12 on 

Join us Thursdays 6-7:30 p.m. on

  • April 28 (Signup to Volunteer),
  • May 26 (Signup), and
  • June 23 (Signup). We start at 6PM at the barn next to the field and -- of course -- include food :)   

More dates to come!






Conservation Team Fundraising

We're developing plans to launch a fundraising initiative to generate broad support from organizations and individuals to underwrite the direct expenses of reclaiming and rejuvenating the Sears Field to make it into a paradise for pollinators. If we're wonderfully successful, we'll realize the vision of a lush paradise that provides a platform for learning about the plants, animals, and insects that enliven and rely upon preserved open spaces.  Click on the image above to see the current draft of our fundraising letter/case statement. 

Parking at the Field