Bristol Lodge

Bristol Lodge Soup Kitchen is located at Immanuel Methodist Church in Waltham.  Supper is served for 40-80 people every evening at 5:00 p.m. About half of those served are residents of the Bristol Lodge Shelters for men and women.   Local community and church groups cook and serve the meals provided at the soup kitchen. The Rotary Club of Weston and Wayland is one of these groups who provide meals to those in need of a warm and hearty meal.


Robert Mosher Sr. along with his wife Cindy of Weston, MA brought this program to the attention of The Rotary Club of Weston and Wayland in 1995.  Once a month, the Mosher’s cooked a meal of spaghetti and meatballs and created a schedule of Weston and Wayland Rotarians who took turns serving the food at Bristol Lodge on the third Thursday of each month.  For over twenty years, The Rotary Club of Weston and Wayland continues this community outreach.


For the past few years the program was adapted to include the members of the Interact Club at the High School.  The Interact Club and a Rotarian would prepare the meal at the Weston High School and two Rotary members would then serve the meal at Bristol Lodge.  Recently, we have been working with Eunice Feller, the cooking instructor at the Weston High School. Ms. Feller’s students now prepare the meals for Bristol Lodge.


By tailoring the meal preparation to Ms. Feller’s cooking class, more students are now involved and aware of the needs of people in their own communities.  They are excited to prepare the meals and to be involved with helping others. The men and women at Bristol Lodge are so appreciative of the food served. The Weston and Wayland Rotary Club proudly remain serving the meals at Bristol Lodge.  


“I have served dinners at Bristol Lodge for over 20 years. It is heart-warming when the guests at Bristol Lodge are so enthusiastic and grateful for the meals we provide.” Cindy Appleby Spencer