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  Adoption is challenging work. We've adopted the Sears Field and started reclaiming it from extensive invasive plants. On Saturday, October 23, all are invited to join us to clear more and more, release some energy on the bad plants, and meet some nice people. See more info about the project, parking at the Melone Homestead to reach the field, and sign up to volunteer here

Captions (sort of): Rotarian Rob Mosher (right) arrives at the field with two chainsaws, both of which were put to good use. Below, six of the fourteen Rotarians who worked on Thursday, July 15 made a great big dent in the eastern border of the field.
The Conservation Team from the Rotary Club of Weston and Wayland has been busy at work surveying the adopted field, the Sears Field, off of Crescent Street in Weston. 



Conservation Team Fundraising

We're developing plans to launch a fundraising initiative to generate broad support from organizations and individuals to underwrite the direct expenses of reclaiming and rejuvenating the Sears Field to make it into a paradise for pollinators. If we're wonderfully successful, we'll realize the vision of a lush paradise that provides a platform for learning about the plants, animals, and insects that enliven and rely upon preserved open spaces.  Click on the image above to see the current draft of our fundraising letter/case statement. 

The Saplings Project

In May, 2018, Rotary International President Ian Riseley challenged Rotary clubs to plant a tree for each member. Trees remove carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the air, which slows global warming. 

The Weston-Wayland Rotary Club embraced this challenge by buying, preparing, nurturing, and distributing Green Giant Arbor Vitae to all first and second graders in each town, plus Rotary members.

The project was so well-received, and so much fun for our Club members, that we have continued it each year. Except for 2020 when it was cancelled by Covid. In 2021, we responded by doubling our order and giving enough saplings to catch up by including last year’s first graders who had moved up to second grade. In 2021, we distributed 800 saplings; in previous years, 400 each year. 

Past President Mark Messina Mark Messina, Rotary Earth Day Committee Chair said, “We are very fortunate to have such great leadership in our schools. Every principal responded quickly and enthusiastically to our program. Along with the saplings we provided educational materials and a 3-minute video.”  See the video at  

On a beautiful Earth Day, Rotarians, friends of Rotary from high school students to business networking contacts gathered to prepare the seedlings for distribution. Everyone worked to get all 800 seedlings prepared for distribution to the Wayland elementary schools of Veritas, Happy Hollow, Loker and Claypit Hill as well as Weston elementary schools of Country and Woodland.

This year residents at Traditions of Wayland, another community partner, cared for and then delivered seedlings to the Wayland elementary schools. Wendy Nollman of Traditions said,”This is such a great program. I am so happy to be a Corporate member of Rotary and to bring this multigenerational opportunity to our residents.”

Parking at the Field