Congratulations to all 50 Kidpreneurs who presented at the Children's Business Fair this past Sunday.  While many kids talk about setting up a proverbial lemonade stand, these 50 kids were businessmen and women of action.  They worked with their own hands, often in teams, to make their products.  They then created signage and marketing materials to design their booth, learning to sell to strangers (in a safe environment).  Finally, they learned the value of a dollar in earning some well-deserved extra spending money as a reward.  I couldn't be more proud of the 100 or so kids that represented their 50 businesses this past weekend.  Congratulations to all of the kids, they are all winners! -Alex Faigel 
"With this being our third year running the fair, I am astounded by the children, their creativity, and the confidence that follows. This year we had a multitude of kids who have put together a business for two or three years and evolved their offerings after receiving feedback. They are determined to grow, and watching them on their journeys has been rewarding." - Janika LeMaitre