Our Rotary meeting on Thursday, May 30th was absolutely awesome!
It began with incoming Club President, Vera’s, calling the meeting to order; thanking our sponsors, and introduction of all the evening’s guests.  
Mark Messina then updated us on the RYLA program and our sponsoring of 10 high school sophomore’s (soon to be Juniors) to attend the training seminar at Fitchburg State College this June 21-23 and openings still available for adult volunteers to help out with the sessions.  
Jan Luchetti then reviewed our Rotary Club schedule for June - which is jam packed with meetings, fellowship, community service, and volunteer opportunities.
Brenda DeVito then related a service opportunity on June 2 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM in at the Wayland Multi-Cultural Festival at the Wayland High School Fieldhouse. Volunteers welcome.
Vera then moved on to our Business Meeting where (1) Valdet Abazi was inducted into our club, and he had amazing introductory comments + photos taken with his family at the ceremony.  Vera did an outstanding job with leading the induction ceremony!
We then moved on to the club voting, where all 2024-2025 officers and directors were unanimously approved, in person and on Zoom, by our membership.
Yay! for our Rotary Club Members stepping up - and standing up to take responsibility for club actions and operations for 2024-2025!
Then, Richard DeVito created and presented a video showcasing Patty MacNeil’s service to our club as an outstanding volunteer, club officer, and club president, securer of Village Bank sponsorship for over almost a decade of service - being recognized with a Paul Harris Award - for the second time!  Richard’s heartwarming introduction and meaningful comments addressed to Patty and our club brought tears to many in the audience.  Patty graciously accepted the Paul Harris award and said that she was relocating to Maine - but would be able to return in the future and attend meetings along with Valdet Abazi - who will be still representing the Village Bank as one of our Club sponsors.
Thanks for all for a very well done Rotary meeting and the celebrating of so many volunteers doing wonderful works for our club and Rotary International!
Thank you to John, Richard and Jan for setting up the Zoom transmission equipment; Robert Blackburn for attending at 1:00 AM - Germany time while abroad; Brenda for announcing another volunteer opportunity in Wayland, Mark’s update on RYLA, Richard’s video and comments, Vera’s leadership and others for participating in person and standing up to be counted and voting.
This type of meeting makes us all proud to be a member of our Rotary club and Rotary International - Go Service Above Self! & yea for the Four Way Test!!!
Written by Bruce Lee past club Preseidnet - edited by Aaron Roy current Public Image Committee Chair