Weston & Wayland Rotary Club
Online Club Bulletin for 1/18/2018
by Deborah Rines


1/25/2018: Greeter: Tony Micciche; Door Prize:  Heidi Heilman
2/1/2018: Greeter: Rob Mosher; Door Prize: Keith Gross
2/8/2018: Greeter: Blake Munson; Door Prize: Tom Giampapa
2/15/2018: Greeter: Mac Spencer; Door Prize: Marilyn Gentilotti
2/22/2018: Greeter: John Veale; Door Prize: Edwin Gaw

Door Prize - Door prize responsibility is to select a door prize of value $10 to $20 to be given to the Sergeant-at-Arms BEFORE the meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting you are schedule to bring the door prize, it is your responsibility to get the prize to the Sergeant-at-Arms before the meeting.

Greeter - The Greeter must arrive 15 minutes BEFORE the start of the meeting and greet all members and guests at the door and answer any questions they may have


Meeting Opening: Bell was rung at 6:15 pm
Tom Wintle led us in prayer
4 Way Test
Guests: Walter Mulcahy, Susan Luchetti   From the St. Peter’s Mens Group: Neil Diver & John Bulbrook
Prospective Members:  Fabrice Torchon, Cynthia Tanny
Speaker & Host: Lynn Campbell, Rev. - St. Peter’s Church, Weston
Meeting Notes:
The program for the evening last week at St. Peter’s Church in Weston explored the challenges of attendance and membership in clubs and churches and how to meet these challenges.  The discussion was lively and engaging. 
A “fireside chat” by our host and speaker The Rev. Lynn Campbell:  Lynn shared with us what shaped her life and her calling which led her to St. Peter’s.  We thank her for sharing her journey with us!
Eileen White was in a car accident on the way to the meeting at St. Peter’s.  She was not hurt and is fine but her car had to be towed.  Eileen rarely misses a meeting and all were concerned.  She was in good hands with some students from Regis who drove her home.  We thank them for taking good care of her!
Secretary: Eileen White
Photos from the meeting. Thank you to Bruce Lee!


Meeting - January 25, 2018 – The Josiah Smith Tavern
RYLA AWARD DINNER – February 1, 2018 – Weston Golf Club
CLUB ASSEMBLY Meeting – February 8, 2018 – Weston Golf Club
VALENTINES DAY DINNER – February 18, 2018 – Weston Golf Club



Cindy Appleby, Chip Bradley, Edwin Gaw, Marilyn Gentilotti, Jan Luchetti, Patty MacNeil, Mac Spencer, Tom Wintle, Mark Messina, John Marchiony, Bruce Lee
CAUSE OF THE MONTH:  Disaster Relief: Puerto Rico
          1/18/18 we collected  $ 143.00
Please send your thoughts and suggestions to Mark Messina for speakers!!  We have a speaker for our Valentines Dinner on the 15th!!!!



Please forward the names of people you think would be good speakers to Chip Bradley. Be creative!

WGC provides us with a set menu. Special orders must be made in advance. Please call the club on Thursday a.m. to see what is on the special order menu. If you must special order, please do it in advance. The phone number is 781-894-2503.

Meeting Detours:

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Special Notices:

If you need to post a special notice to the Rotary Club of Weston & Wayland Wheel, please email the notice to In addition to the notice, you should specify a title for the notice and how long you would like the notice to run in number of weeks or end date.

Sunshine Corner: If you know of a fellow Rotarian infirmed or in need, please forward the details to Patty MacNeil.

Club Runner and Rotary Wheel: Messages can be sent through the Club Runner website. The wheel is now being updated on the Club Runner site as well as a weekly email version. If you would like to have a friend or potential member receive the wheel please go to the club website and add them as a "Friend of Rotary". Please contact Deborah Rines at with any announcements you would like in the Wheel.

Rotary Central: Located in The DeVito Building at 470 Boston Post Rd, 3rd Fl. Please feel free to come and use the computer for any Rotary business.



Reminder – please fill out the happy dollar sheets and place into the hat so they can be recorded and printed in the Wheel!


All Rotary Club members have a responsibility to help recruit new members.  Please send potential new member names and contact information to the Club Membership Chairperson – currently Bruce Lee.    


Fabrice Torchon
73 Loring Avenue
Winchester, MA 01890
Vocational category - Residential Real Estate
Sponsor - Jan Luchetti



Cindy Murtha Tanny
7 Wildwood Lane
Weston, MA 02493
Vocational Category - Mortgage Loan Officer




All Rotarians are asked to donate $100 per year per member to support the Rotary Foundation programs. These Programs create the funding source for matching donations from local clubs, and from District contributions.


Mark Messina - President
Jan Luchetti - Vice President
Chip Bradley - Past President
Eileen White  - Secretary
Tom Wintle - Sergeant at Arms
Tom Giampapa - Finance Committee Chair
Bruce Lee- Membership Committee Chair
John Marchiony - Public Relations (PR)
Richard A. DeVito, Jr - Executive Secretary, Fundraising Project Chair, Fall Car Show
Michael Cave - International Service Project Committee Chair 
Director - Mark Messina
Director - Chip Bradley
Director - Jan Luchetti
Director - John Marchiony
Director - Rob Mosher
Director - Tom Giampapa
Director - Patty MacNeil
Director - Edwin Gaw
Director - Richard DeVito, Jr.